To reduce the necessity of manpower while cutting down the tree mini chainsaws are the best remedies. Whether for your garden or professional requirements, the main chainsaw serves the purposes very well. Because of their tiny size and shape, you can use them for your daily purposes too.  Whenever any natural calamity hits your trees or your garden you realize the necessity of a chainsaw. But if you use them carelessly they might end up causing fatal accidents. In today’s blog, we have discussed the top five mini chainsaws that we have picked up from Amazon. Keep reading to know more!

5 Best Main Chainsaw in The UK

1) DEWALT 20V MAX XR 12-inch Chainsaw

Best Main Chainsaw in The UK

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This battery-powered chainsaw has a 12-inch sturdy bar. It is compact and lightweight. With the help of this chainsaw, one can efficiently cut down the trees. This model is loaded with some great specifications, including a 5Ah battery, awesome motor life, and bar tightening knob. The knob is super useful for bar clamping force. Per charge, this main chainsaw will give you hassle-free 90 cuts. It is free from all sorts of high maintenance because of its battery-powered facility. Dewalt chainsaw has a warranty period of 3 years.


  • Amazing runtime due to the brushless motor technology
  • The maximum initial battery voltage of 20V
  • Ensures great maneuverability because of the lightweight design

    2) Greenworks 10.5 Amp 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw

    Greenworks 10 Amp 14-Inch Corded Dethatcher, 27022

    If you are tired of the backdated gardening tools then this chainsaw is perfect for you. It comes at an affordable price and has great customer reviews. Undoubtedly the 4 years warranty on this product is really helpful. It features a 14-inch blade with a 10.5 amp motor power. It is designed with a tool-less chain tensioning feature as well. To maintain the lubrication it is styled with an auto oiler technology.

    • Affordable price
    • Tool-less chain tensioning feature
    • Auto-oiler technology
    • Less motor power
    • Requires power source as it is not battery powered

    3) Mini Chainsaw, BAIDREN Cordless Power Electric Chainsaw

    Mini Chainsaw, BAIDREN 4-Inch Cordless Electric

    To enjoy the benefits of both powerful and useful chainsaws one should buy this. It is so efficient. This mini chainsaw weighs only 0.7kgs. It is perfect for daily use. The 2Ah lithium battery ensures long runtime. The powerful motor has a 550w output speed. With a 13.4 inch long bar, this chainsaw can provide you four-step safety measures. You can even give this item to any of your woodworking friends. The proficiency of this product will surely amaze you.

    • Easy installation process
    • Low maintenance
    • Portable

      4) TORRYZA Mini 4-Inch Cordless Chainsaws

      TORRYZA Mini Chainsaw 4-Inch Cordless Power Chain Saws

      If you are in search of good power, then you will love this Torryza model. It is a battery chainsaw with a 13-inch bar. Its high-quality guide chain allows smooth and fine cutting. This professional-level model features lightweight, efficient performance, copper core motor, and variable speed switch. Its anti-slip design provides a strong grip. This chainsaw is very user-friendly. It assures output power of 550w too.

      • The pure copper motor works with awesome efficiency
      • A large capacity battery that features over temperature and voltage protection
      • Easy usability
      • Lightweight
      • Poor battery life

      5) Husqvarna 120 Mark II 14 in. Gas Chainsaw

      This chainsaw is made of a quality product that provides durability. It is so well designed that you can use it for everyday stuff. It is highly systematic so you will have no problem using it. It is so small that women and older people can also use it. It ensures great maneuverability too. It has awesome kickback safety features that reduce the chances of risk during work. For quick adjustments, it has some tensioning facilities as well.

      • 2 years warranty
      • Simple tensioning system to do adjustments quickly
      • Low kickback safety
      • Great durability
      • Poor customer service
      • High maintenance due to gas-powered feature

      Things you need to consider before buying a mini chainsaw:

      Choosing a perfect mini chainsaw is not as easy as you think. Before buying a chainsaw, knowing few factors about them is very necessary. So to help you in that we will discuss few things here:

      • Purpose: So you are buying a chainsaw without even considering your purpose of buying it? Then you will surely end up choosing the wrong product! If you want a saw for some simple gardening and light trimming then an electric chainsaw will be the best fit for you. But if you need to cut the medium-sized trees or large bushes then a gas-powered chainsaw will be your perfect choice.
      • Motor size: Different chainsaws have various motor sizes. The motors of gas-powered chainsaws are measured in cubic centimeters or cc. Whereas for electric saws it is an amp and it can vary between 8-15 amp. These days most of the battery-powered chainsaws use lithium batteries that surely give longer runtime.
      • Location: For different areas, different models go well. Suppose you will be working in a woodland or forest. A gas-powered chainsaw is undoubtedly the best option for that place because you don’t have to worry about the noise and you can charge it easily. But if you use the same for any suburbs then you might end up offending your neighbors with its loud noise. So for that place, any electric saw is a perfect choice.
      • Price: The price range for these chainsaws varies a lot. So depending on your budget you have to choose a quality that will surely serve your purpose but will also not affect your wallet much!
      • Safety: Safety must be a great concern before buying chainsaws. Because without safety features a chainsaw can cause severe fatal accidents. So before buying first check the safety measures of that product.

      And still, if you are worried about which item can be the best fit for your work then just blindly choose any of the above-mentioned products because we have done that research for you.