Are you a motorcycle mechanic? Do you need assistance lifting the motorcycles perfectly? If yes, we are here with the best motorcycle lift tables in the UK for you.

Lifting the motorcycles for their maintenance, repairing, or cleaning is a daunting task. So, it gets quite important for you to have a perfect motorcycle lift table. All of the motorcycle lift tables being enlisted in this guide are quality ensured and will provide you the best assistance you never had before.

Best Motorcycle Lift Table (Reviews)

1. Sealey Motorcycle Lift Table


It is one of the finest motorcycle lift table options in the market that provides absolute support to bikes up to 365kgs. You can now easily lift your bike for about 76 cm from the wheels without making many efforts. Sealey is well known for its quality and aftersales support. The bike lifts able is designed to provide absolute support to the platform fitted with a full-width loading ramp.

  • Featured with an inbuilt front wheel chock
  • Lifts the bike effectively for about 76 cms
  • Operations are quite easy and can be easily controlled with afoot
  • Quality ensured product
  • Does not works well for the bikes with the side stand

2. Wiltec Scissor Table Lift

If you are looking forward to a perfect motorcycle table lift that can easily withstand the weight of your heavy bike, the Wiltec Scissor table lift is an option you can check on. This bike table lift is designed to withstand the loading capacity of about 680kgs effectively. It is a hydraulic power lift that can lift your bike to 13 to 38 cms effectively.

  • Is perfect to lift heavy bikes
  • Featured with a rubberized double platform to ensure extra stability
  • Can lift bike for about 38cms
  • Hydraulic lift and can be easily handled with pedals
  • Quality control issues can block your way

3. Constands Motorcycle Jack Scissor Hydraulic Lift

It is a premium scissor lift that helps you in lifting your heavy bikes for about 42cms effectively. it is a dual rubberized lifting platform that is featured with hydraulic operations to ensure easy access. The best thing about this wonderful bike lift is its larger contact surface that provides your bike extra stability during operations.

  • Wider contact area
  • Hydraulic operations
  • Ensured stability and safety
  • The best option for heavy bikes
  • Bit expensive than its competitors

4. PSR Power Platform Portable Work Table

If you are looking forward to the budget bike lift table option, the PSR Power Platform is the one that will provide you the best experience always. It is an inexpensive and lightweight bike lift table that can be easily carried along with you wherever you want. This motorcycle lift table is being constructed with heavy-duty mild steel that gets perfectly fold flat to ensure enhanced portability.

  • Inexpensive motorcycle lift table
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ensures absolute safety
  • Being constructed from heavy-duty mild steel
  • Can’t withstand the weight of heavy bikes

5. Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

It is another one of the finest hydraulic bike lift table options that can effectively withstand the weight of small motorcycles. It is a lightweight option that is quite easy to use. The motorcycle lift able is featured with non-slip rubber pads that provide extra stability to it.

  • The presence of a non-slip rubber pad ensures extra stability
  • Lightweight and compact bike lift table
  • Easy hydraulic operations
  • U bolts and conventional straps for extra safety
  • Works well only with lightweight bikes

How to Choose Best Motorcycle Lift Table – Buying Guide

Purchasing a perfect motorcycle lift table is not an easy process. Along with the high quality, there are certainly different things that you can’t afford to miss out on. The leading ones are:

Check out the weight capacity

Motorcycle lift tables are meant for lifting motorcycles efficiently, so it gets quite important for you to check out their weight capacity before finalizing the deal. Find out the overall weight of your bike and compare it with the maximum lift load capacity of the lift table you are going to choose on.

Is it stable?

The motorcycle lift table you are going to choose on needed to be quite stable so that you can enjoy safe and easy access throughout. You can check features like locking up, shut-off valve, and different others to ensure its stability.

User interface

The motorcycle lift table should be easy to use and access. If you search upon the market you can easily find out a wide range of lift table options. You can easily find the one with a built-in ramp or with manual services.

What are the features involved?

A motorcycle lift table with a front-wheel vise is supposed to be the best one in the series. The presence of front-wheel vise helps you in locking up your bike perfectly on the table and hence ensures users have extra stability.


Hope guys! This guide will help you in getting out the best and preferable motorcycle lift table for you. Yet brand says a lot, but still, you need to check out the different features involved in detail such as its lifting capacity, lifting range, operations, and much more before finalizing your decision. If you still have any confusion, detailed buying guides are also provided to you for making your journey easier.